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  • freedom and flexibility in decorating
  • simple to adapt
  • 4 functions with 1 FLEXLEX® COMPACT
  • lasting quality
  • different heights available
  • unique piece of furniture

Due to its small format the FLEXLEX®COMPACT is extremely simple to use and can be employed for multiple purposes. It may be a small table in a parlour, a living room, a sideboard, a footrest or any combination thereof.


Its format lends the FLEXLEX®COMPACT a visual quality that lets it integrate easily into a working as well as a living environment.

The FLEXLEX®COMPACT can be ordered with varying tops: there are table tops from cross glued multiplex with a high quality veneer, or cloth or leather coated foam fillings.


The FLEXLEX®COMPACT can be ordered in three heights, thus broading further the range of application. For the support you have a choice between RAL powder coating and brushed stainless steel.

The standard format of the FLEXLEX®COMPACT is 45 cm high and it has two table tops of 35 cm x 60 cm. FLEXLEX®COMPACT is also available with a table height of 30 cm and 110 cm.

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